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Wilberforce University


Wilberforce University’s mission is to help our students identify and prepare for their respective

purposes in life as global citizens by imparting knowledge, instilling discipline and inspiring lifelong

learning through critical inquiry, personal and spiritual development and practical application.




Core Values

Wilberforce University embodies six (6) core values that undergird all decisions critical to accomplishing the university’s mission:


OUR STUDENTS: Our Students are the center of our existence; respect, spiritual values and commitment to their educational success is our priority.


RELIGION: We are an African Methodist Episcopal Church University that believes in the Living God; we embrace Christian principles as our foundation.


CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES: Ethics, integrity, and honesty, as exhibited in the Christ of Scripture, are an essential part of our spiritual growth and permit us to develop our relationships with God and one another.


QUALITY EDUCATION: We will provide a living-learning environment with excellent teaching and a challenging curriculum.


SOCIAL AND COMMUNITY RESPONSIBILITY: We are devoted to serving our community through personal and institutional outreach consistent with our core values.


HISTORY AND TRADITION: We embrace and cherish our history and take responsibility for our future and for distinguishing ourselves through the 21st century and beyond.


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