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Empowering women of God to walk in HIS given, authority, beauty and strength.


"Often as Christians, we underestimate or undervalue the authority that God has given us as CHILDREN of THE MOST HIGH GOD! Can you imagine what the lives of the daughters of God could potentially reveal? If we truly had faith in our God and our right to live in HIS abundance and authority as heirs to his kingdom! Think about it... when a woman knows that her father has her back, she has a different swagger in terms of what she expects, what deserves and how she conducts herself. She can't help but give God and those she loves her best!

The power of the gospel and the saving grace of Jesus takes on a personal, relevant, and life-changing hold that cannot be broken! Not because she is worthy... but because she has been forgiven and loved beyond measure by her father in heaven."


Pastor DeBora


As part of our "fellowship with a purpose campaign," we encourage you to invite and purchase a ticket for a young woman so she may also be strengthened by the brunch workshop. Join us on Saturday, September 22 at 10:30 a.m. Pastor Melody Essex of Shaffer Chapel, McIntire will be our workshop facilitator. Tickets are only $12.00. A portion of the proceeds will once again be donated to the Family Violence Prevention Center of Xenia. 
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